Private Pilot License

The Private Pilot’s License is the first step to get yourself into the skies, whether you just wish to fly as a hobby or to begin a career.  Like all our other courses, we offer the PPL (A) on a modular training system.  It consists of ground theory as well as flight training.

The ground theory can be conducted on a full-time basis, part-time basis, or self-study basis.  It includes 9 subjects and, therefore, 9 examinations.  Once the 9 examinations are finished, the student will also have to sit for a Radio Telephony exam, and an English Language Proficiency Exam.  Once all of this is finished, the student will start his/her flight training.

Flight training consists of a minimum of 45 hours of flight training.  Of these, a minimum of 25 hours will have to be conducted with an instructor and a minimum of 10 hours will have to be conducted solo.

Theoretical Knowledge

A minimum of 100 hours of theoretical knowledge will have to be completed, covering the following subjects:

  • Aircraft General Knowledge
  • Principles of Flight
  • Flight Performance and Planning
  • Air Law
  • Operational Procedures
  • Human Performance & Limitations
  • VFR Communications
  • Meteorology
  • Navigation

Flight Training

There is a minimum of 45 hours Dual and solo flight training as stipulated by EASA/JAA.


  • 4 hours aircraft flight familiarization
  • 4 hours local manoeuvres
  • 10 hours of circuits practicing various take-offs and landings


  • 5 hours of solo circuits
  • 5 hours of advanced manoeuvres
  • 2 hours local solo navigation (out of circuit area)


  • 8 hours dual overseas cross country
  • 3 hours solo overseas cross country
  • 2 hours basic instrument flight
  • 3 hours revision of all previous manoeuvres

Pre Entry Requirements

  • 16 Years of age
  • Valid Class 2 Medical issued by a TM-CAD certified doctor

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