The MCC course trains pilots for multi-pilot, multi-engine aircraft operations, emphasizing critical thinking, effective communication, task allocation, and checklist application in various flight conditions. It focuses on developing non-technical skills crucial for multi-crew environments.


The APS course, geared towards Type Rating preparation, enhances piloting knowledge in Boeing SOPs, airline operations, and the handling of the Boeing 737. It provides a comprehensive understanding of aircraft systems and extensive use of the Boeing 737 FMS in both normal and unusual situations.

Theoretical Knowledge

The first stage of this course is 65 hours of ground theory which would be done at our home base within Malta International Airport where you would learn the characteristic of flying as multi crew and also standards which Airline pilots have to follow. 

Simulator Training

A total of 60 hours of simulator training would need to be done on a Boeing 737 simulator where you would be challenged to fly both in normal situations along with unusual situations. 

Pre Entry Requirements

  • Theoretical ATPL with a valid CPL
  • Multi Engine Rating
  • Instrument Rating

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