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Airline Transport Pilot License

Airline Transport Pilot License

The Airline Transport Pilot’s License is the highest grade of piloting that one can achieve.  It also allows for the holder to eventually captain a large aircraft on a scheduled flight, such as working as an airline captain.


European Pilot Academy was the FIRST  ATO in Malta that allows you to achieve your frozen ATPL in Malta, without having to go abroad for any of the consolidation classes or exams.


What’s more, we have a 98% pass rate with an average pass mark of 93% rivaling even the top ATOs around the world!

The frozen ATPL is achieved by passing 14 theoretical examinations.  The full ATPL is then granted once the following criteria are met:
(Please note that these criteria will be met as you gain experience as a pilot, and will not have to be done during your training phase)
  • 1500 hours of flight time
  • 250 hours as Pilot in Command
  • 100 hours of night flying as pilot in command or as co-pilot
  • 75 hours of instrument time of which no more than 30 hours can be ground instrument time
  • 200 hours of cross-country flight time of which at least 100 hours shall be as pilot in command

Conducting the ATPL (A) before your CPL (A) will not require that you do any CPL theory.  However, the CPL has to be completed not more than 3 years after your last ATPL exam.

Pass Rate


0 100%

Pre Entry Requirements

  • Private Pilot License

Theoretical Knowledge

650 hours of theoretical knowledge will have to be completed for the issue of a frozen ATPL (A).  At least 65 of them have to be completed in a class-based environment.  


The subjects to be covered are the following:


Module 1

Meteorology, General Navigation, VFR Comms, IFR Comms.


Module 2

Flight Planning, Aircraft General Knowledge.


Module 3

Human Performance, Operational Procedures, Air Law, Instruments.


Module 4

Radio Navigation, Principles of Flight, Performance, Mass and Balance.

Training Schedule

Distance Learning (Self Study):

The distance learning system is based on the student studying the material on his/her own at home.  We will provide all the material which s/he will need to study, including an excellent multimedia DVD learning tool.

Prior to sitting for your exams, you will attend consolidation classes with fully qualified ground instructors.  These consolidation classes are used to hash out any difficulties that you might have.


Class-Based system:

The class-based system allows the student to study 50% of the required hours in class with our qualified ground instructors.  The classes run based on modules and you can join for any module as you see fit.

  • Module 1
  • Module 2
  • Module 3
  • Module 4
The modules usually last around 2 months, and are followed by the examinations which are held at TM-CAD.

Other Information

  • Courses are subject to final confirmation, changes or discontinuation.
  • Students must hold a valid JAA/EASA Class 2 Medical Certificate issued by CAD-TM approved Medical Examiner.
  • Please call us for the latest prices and availability.
  • Uniform is mandatory.
  • The course usually takes an average of 9-12 months.

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