Cadet Courses

The Cadet courses start from Basic Cadet Level.  The Basic Cadet level will give a clear indication to the student where s/he would like to continue in the Aviation industry.  The Advanced Cadet level will then go into more detail on the sector of the industry that s/he would like to focus on, be it that as a Pilot or as an Aircraft Engineer.

Theoretical Knowledge

During this course they will be learning the basics in the following subjects:

  • Aircraft Systems
  • Principles of Flight
  • Human Performance
  • Meteorology
  • Communications

Educational Visits

During the summer course the student will get the chance to learn by visiting the people which make aviation possible: 

  • Falcon Aviation Engineering Hanger
  • MET Office
  • Air Traffic Control
  • Fire Fighting Section

Flight Expierence

The cornerstone of our course lies in the unparalleled experience offered to AirCadets. Commencing with rigorous simulator training overseen by our seasoned instructors, they gain proficiency in handling an array of weather conditions and complex flight scenarios. Transitioning seamlessly from simulator to cockpit, AirCadets soar alongside our expert instructors, assuming command of a certified training aircraft from the esteemed left seat position, marking a pivotal milestone in their aviation odyssey. This immersive journey not only equips them with invaluable skills but also instills the confidence needed to navigate the skies with precision and finesse.

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