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Cadet Courses

The Cadet courses start from Basic Cadet Level.  The Basic Cadet level will give a clear indication to the student where s/he would like to continue in the Aviation industry.  The Advanced Cadet level will then go into more detail on the sector of the industry that s/he would like to focus on, be it that as a Pilot or as an Aircraft Engineer.

  • Methodology – Unlike other schools, at EPA, we believe how you learn and teach is as important as what you learn and teach.

  • Approach – The management and training staff are committed and contributing to EPA’s future vision – an academy that is committed to excellence and professionalism.

  • Facilities and Equipment – The Aviation training facilities are specifically designed to encourage a pleasant learning environment. The academy is the home of the most innovative aviation training programs in Malta

Our cadet Courses Offer pre-teens as young as 12 years old the opportunity to see what aviation is all about, and experience the thrill of studying aviation and flying a high tech new generation single engine aircraft.

Our approach

Basic Cadet Course

Offers pre-teens as young as 12 years old the opportunity to see what aviation is all about.

Advanced Cadet Course

The Advanced Cadet Course is a step beyond the Basic Cadet Course and a step closer to the Private Pilot License and eventually the Commercial Pilot License. This course is ideal for students who would like to pursue a career in the world of aviation especially as pilots.

European Pilot Academy

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