Establish Goals

European Pilot Academy will help you achieve your goal to become a commercial or private pilot. With our industry leading zero to airline course we can guide anyone from no experience within the industry up to the well needed airline level.


Modern Fleet

We are lucky enough to have a modern fleet made up of Tecnam and Piper aircraft. Both single and multi-engine.


Get Results

With European Pilot academy you can expect to achieve excellent ground school results in your theoretical examination, with the help of highly qualified and very well taught instructors. We are blessed to have a 98 % pass rate in all our theoretical examinations!

Most Popular

Zero To

Our Zero to Airline Pilot training takes students with no previous flying experience up to ‘Commercial Pilot’ with a Frozen ATPL in around 18 to 20 months from where they are then eligible to join the airlines as a First Officer. The training covers all levels from no experience to professional European Commercial Pilot’s Licence with a Multi-Engine and Instrument Rating.


The Cadet courses start from Basic Cadet Level. The Basic Cadet level will give a clear indication to the student where s/he would like to continue in the Aviation industry. The Advanced Cadet level will then go into more detail on the sector of the industry that s/he would like to focus on, be it that as a Pilot or as an Aircraft Engineer.

Private Pilot License

The Private Pilot’s License is the first step to getting yourself into the skies, whether you just wish to fly as a hobby or to begin a career.  Like all our other courses, we offer the PPL (A) on a modular training system.  It consists of ground theory as well as flight training.

Hear it from our past students

Zachary Saliba

Truly the best flight school in Malta! Extremely helpful staff is willing to go out of their way to ensure the best for the students. Can't wait to further my studies with EPA!

Mariah Cassar

I joined EPA in my ATPL stage and both ground and flight instructors are amazing. They will go above and beyond to help even when you're not their student. Also, I found their classes to be the best when it comes to studying in a group or even alone. Would highly recommend it!

Matthias Callus Gatt

I highly recommend the school, very professional and always ensures that students are a priority. They have very flexible hours which made it possible for me to complete my Private Pilot License whilst at the same time, carrying out my other studies.

Jordan Bregman

My time at European Pilot Academy started just a couple of years ago and my experience has been a very positive one. Throughout my flight training, starting with PPL, ATPL and all the way to Commercial flying. My instructors Remus, Trevor and the rest of the team have constantly pushed me to perform at my highest potential and I am grateful for this. If you are currently looking for a flight school to begin or continue your studies, look no further!

Dean Baldacchino

EPA made getting my PPL a fun, easy and great overall experience with excellent flying/ground instructors and management who are extremely helpful! I would highly recommend European Pilot Academy!

Carl Galea

I have recently completed my CPL/IR/ME training with EPA and I must say that I am glad I chose this school. They offer a great software package for the ATPL theory and the instructors are always ready to help with any difficulty. Their aircraft are a joy to fly, their pipers all equipped with glass cockpits. They have one of the largest fleets of small aircraft on the island, ensuring that there will be sufficient aircraft availability for their students. My instructor, Remus, was the best instructor I ever had. He challenges his students to improve to the best that they can be. I recommend EPA to anyone wishing to become a pilot, from PPL all the way up to CPL level.

Abdulnasir Rahoumah

I have finished my Commercial Pilot License with European Pilot Academy and from here I would like to thank all of the staff at the academy. They were super friendly and helpful with me and the other students. Instructors do their best to help and support students through the courses and to earn their licenses. Honestly, I have been trained by some of the top and most professional instructors!

Björn Jóhannesson

European Pilot Academy is a great school with very good aircrafts and great instructors. The directors and staff and the school really try their best to help you achieve your goal. Sometimes they needed a reminder but together we always found a solution. I managed to finish my CPL/IR/ME in 3.5 months which is way better than the other school. Malta is a great place to live in and has a lot to give. Even though I did not do my PPL with EPA I highly recommend starting at EPA and finishing with them. Thank you EPA!

Michela Mifsud

I have just graduated (CPL/IR/ME) from the European Pilot Academy, and I have nothing but praise for it! It is a school which seeks to improve ALL of its students and will stop at nothing to achieve this. The training aircraft were always available and it was easy to schedule flight hours according to my needs, and their instructors are very outgoing and easy to understand, always ready to help! It was an amazing experience and I would totally recommend it!

Kurt Vella

I started out with EPA from the bare basics with the cadet course in 2011. From then onwards, the decision to continue with them was a no-brainer! I saw the school change and get better year by year, thanks to their continuous quest for improvement. I did my PPL, Night Rating, ATPLs and eventually my CPL/IR/ME. I am sure I could not have obtained a better service elsewhere in Malta, and there was always a feel-good factor at the academy. That alone made EPA more than just a school!

Antoine Vautrin

Just got my CPL License with EPA! Well, if you're looking for a pilot factory change your way. Here they do small but great. You're not considered as a number but as a person. Here, there are no stupid questions and everyone will be happy to help you. EPA is like a family! For me, it is one of the best schools so far! You'll meet pilots coming from all over the world and you can learn from everyone here! Keep it like this guys, you rock!

Christian Coyne

This is by far one of the best aviation schools in Europe. I have personally been to this school myself and can genuinely confirm that they have excellent and joyful instructors, as well as the newest and most highly maintained aircraft around. On the other hand, one cannot mention European Pilot Academy without mentioning Matthew, Jeremy and Trevor, they are what makes this school a safe and very efficient one. Keep up the great work!

Dagur Már Óskarsson

Delighted with my time at the academy so far. I want to thank all of the instructors, other staff and colleagues for always being there when i needed help and to adapt quickly in a new environment. Top academy which I highly recommend!

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