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European Pilot Academy (EPA) is committed to providing a holistic aviation education experience. Besides receiving an in depth and professional tuition, our students are trained to focus by solving real-world challenges.

Being a pioneer with almost two decades of experience in the pilot training industry, European Pilot Academy has invested heavily in both the infrastructure as well in the professional crew who can impart an in-depth knowledge of aviation subjects.

Strategically located at Malta International Airport and overlooking both active runways, the academy is in an ideal location for the students.

Unlike other schools, at EPA, we believe how you learn and teach is as important as what you learn and teach.

The management and training staff are committed and contributing to EPA’s future vision – an academy that is committed to excellence and professionalism.

The Aviation training facilities are specifically designed to encourage a pleasant learning environment. The academy is the home of the most innovative aviation training programs in Malta.


The educational training levels thrive under the guidance of our outstanding instructional members with deep expertise in the many challenges that student pilots face within the Airline Industry of today. Our instructional team brings considerable aviation experience which bears on their teaching and ensures that students get the maximum from their training.


“With over 20 years of experience within the pilot training industry, today our focal point is on how we train professional airline pilots to accomplish the far reaching demands of tomorrow’s airline industry. Our students’ success is no coincidence.”

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