Multi-Engine Rating

The Multi Engine Piston Rating allows one to fly an aircraft with more than one piston engine.  It is usually done in conjunction with the Commercial Pilot’s License.  However, we do also offer it as a standalone course.

The following information refers to the standalone course.  However, if you would like more information regarding the course in conjunction with the CPL and IR, do please contact us.

Theoretical Knowledge

The theory section of the Multi-Engine rating is made up of 11 hours of theory which are done as briefings where you will be taught an made familiar with the difference in operation from a singe engine aircraft to twin along with a detailed explanation of the cockpit of our Diamond DA42

Flight Training

The last step would be the completion of 6 hours of flying in our multi Engine Diamond DA-42 aircraft. During the training you will be doing airwork under normal scenarios along with handling simulated in flight emergencies. 

Pre Entry Requirements

  • Hold A current private pilot license or Commercial Pilot License
  • Hold a Current Medial certificate issued by a TM-CAD authorized examiner
  • Total 70 Hours Pilot In Command

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