Why Choose EPA?

Why Choose EPA? 2018-04-06T11:08:29+01:00

10 Reasons to choose EPA:

  1. Choosing Malta for your flight training is an excellent choice.  Not only are our licenses highly regarded by airlines, but our beautiful weather means that you can fly regularly and often.  Moreover, flying around Malta is a breathtaking experience due to our beautiful scenery, beaches and
  2. European Pilot Academy is one of the only aviation schools in Malta with its own maintenance facility.  This means that when we need to take our aircraft for maintenance, you can expect a fast turnaround time.
  3. Our current flight instructors have over 12,000 hours of flying experience in General Aviation aircraft and airlines combined.  You are assured the best quality of teaching, to make the best pilots out of all our students.
  4. With over 25 years of experience, EPA was the first to set the Pilot Training benchmark in Malta.
  5. Our ATPL students have a 98% pass rate with an average pass mark of 92%, rivaling the top schools all across the world.
  6. The first ATO to offer the frozen ATPL (A) theory in class and examinations at the Civil Aviation Directorate in Malta.
  7. Our ground courses are all structured by our Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor, a highly experienced and very well regarded professional pilot.
  8. Modern fleet of training aircraft.
  9. FNPT-II Flight Simulator, the first in its class within the Mediterranean region.  The simulator can help you with your training simulating emergencies and conditions which you would not be able to simulate in a real aircraft.  Moreover, it is much cheaper than flying the equivalent multi-engine aircraft!
  10. With a great pilot employability track record, over 1600 students can’t all be wrong!

Contact Us:

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Phone: (+356) 21 257127 / 8

E-mail: matthew@falconalliance.com