Instrument Rating


The Instrument Rating allows the pilot to fly under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR), which is required for flights such as through cloud cover. It is the next step for a lot of pilots who wish to further a career in aviation. It is usually done in conjunction with the Commercial Pilot’s License.

Zero to Airline


Our Zero to Airline Pilot training  takes students with no previous flying experience up to ‘Commercial Pilot’ with a Frozen ATPL in around 18 to 20 months from where they are then eligible to join the airlines as a First Officer. The training covers all levels from no experience to professional European Commercial Pilot’s Licence with a [...]

Cadet Courses


The Cadet courses start from Basic Cadet Level. The Basic Cadet level will give a clear indication to the student where s/he would like to continue in the Aviation industry. The Advanced Cadet level will then go into more detail on the sector of the industry that s/he would like to focus on, be it [...]