What is Modular Training?

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Modular or Integrated Pilot Training

At the very beginning of your flying training you need to make a choice about which training path you follow, integrated or modular. It is important to remember that both integrated and modular courses are ‘approved’, that the flight tests and ground exams are exactly the same in both cases and that the license you get at the end is exactly the same.

The differences are in:

  • The time it takes you
  • The flying hours you end up with
  • The cost
  • The number of training providers you use

Integrated Training

Integrated training is carried out with one school all the way through and it takes 14 to 16 months to complete.

On Graduation you have:

  • CPL IR with ATPL theoretical exams
  • Multi-Crew Co-Operation (MCC) Course
  • About 170 flying hours out of which as much as 50 will be in a simulator

  • Integrated training can be completed in a shorter time

  • The comparatively high cost of the course
  • You complete the course with a relatively low number of hours
  • You must complete all your training and pass all the exams to be eligible for your CPL/IR License

Modular Training

  • Modular training allows you to complete sections or modules of training according to your time plan and availability.
  • It is cheaper than integrated training
  • Flexible training, can take longer than integrated to complete a series of modular courses.
  • At the end of the course, you will have about 235 flying hours, of which around 35 hours will be in a simulator.


  • The cost is much less than an integrated course
  • You complete the course with about 60 more hours
  • You can choose the best training provider for each module.

  • The completion time is longer.

Structure Modular Training

Some schools offer Structured Modular training in order to combine the advantages of both the integrated and the modular routes. In a structured modular course you deal with one school that would be able to provide all the training. Structured modular courses can be completed in about 18 months or slightly longer, but at the cost of a well organised modular course.

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