Multi-Engine Rating

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The Multi Engine Piston Rating allows one to fly an aircraft with more than one piston engine.  It is usually done in conjunction with the Commercial Pilot’s License.  However, we do also offer it as a standalone course.

The following information refers to the standalone course.  However, if you would like more information regarding the course in conjunction with the CPL and IR, do please contact us.

Pre Entry Requirements

  • Private Pilot’s License
  • Night Rating
  • 70 hours PIC

Course Content

Theoretical Knowledge

One theoretical exam will have to be taken before you commence your flying.  However, you will be briefed about this beforehand from your instructor.

Flight Training

There is a minimum of 6 hours to be flown to acquire a multi engine piston rating.  All of the hours will have to be flown on our twin engine Piper Seneca – II and with an instructor.

Course Duration

The rating is usually acquired within 1 week.

Other Information

  • Courses are subject to final confirmation, changes or discontinuation
  • Only students with a valid and current JAA Class 2 Medical issued by an approved Medical Examiner by CAD-TM will be allowed.
  • Please call us for latest prices and availability

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