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We are delighted to announce our partnership with Jai Aviation, India!

Led by Capt Ajay Shivran, an Ex Merchant Navy Officer (21 Years at Sea) and a Sport Pilot, Based out of Thane, Mumbai. He has also been a Director, in Mariner’s Academy, a DG Sipping, Govt of India Approved training organisation to train Seafarers, for 10 years, after he left active sailing. He completed his Sport Pilots Licence from Thailand in 2014 and has flown Microlite and assembled aircraft. He has more than 100 hours as a hobby pilot. He presently owns 4 Airplanes and has built 6 Airplanes in Amateur Built Category, which include, two Zenith 701, two Zenith 601, a Quicksilver MXL2 and a X-Air.

We are now accepting students who would like to complete their professional pilot license while still living in India, in collaboration with Jai Aviation, can do so under the supervision of our highly rated academy, European Pilot Academy.

Why Choose European Pilot Academy and Jai Aviation?

European Pilot Academy will help you achieve your goal to become a commercial or private pilot. With our industry leading zero to airline course we can guide anyone from no experience within the industry up to the well needed airline level.

We are lucky enough to have a modern fleet made up of Tecnam and Piper aircraft. Both single and multi-engine.

With European Pilot academy you can expect to achieve excellent ground school results in your theoretical examination, with the help of highly qualified and very well taught instructors. We are blessed to have a 98 % pass rate in all our theoretical examinations!

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