Senior Systems Developer, Inu:IT A/S, Nuuk, Greenland Aircraft Type Flying/Flown: P92J, C172, AA1, PA28R PPL  I began my pilot training May 1st 2005, and I was impressed with the friendliness of European Pilot Academy right from the start. The Flight Instructors had one goal for me, and that was for me to feel welcome and have fun learning to fly. I was a long way from home coming all the way from Greenland and the friendliness of Ray, Sarah and Anatole was a big help for me to feel confident. The professionalism was felt throughout my practical training at European Pilot Academy .There I had my best experiences and will never forget my first flight in the small Tecnam P92 – you sit shoulder to shoulder for hours and it’s a blast! My first talk to Luqa Tower. That was scary at first, there was so much traffic and heavy traffic at that – the Tecnam P92 seemed very very small compared to the airliners and talking on the radio was my biggest obstacle.
First solo flight – what a feeling – the guy to the right wasn’t there anymore and I felt so ready to fly by myself – think I was told to do 3 circuits but did 4.  The Navigation Solo Flight was a huge experience, navigating, talking to ATC and then brief horrors like “where am I?”, and shortly after “Oh, got my position again…” – just the feeling of accomplishment during that flight was something I will never forget. The scenery was breathtaking, Messina Strait, the mountains and all the small villages along the way. One lesson I still use today is flying around mountains, wind coming across mountains gives a lot of turbulence. Took me half an hour before I figured out that just 500 feet higher is a much smoother ride.
I did almost nothing but fly and read theory. Started flying May 1st and had my first solo 7 days later. With 2 - 3 flights a day, the first 14 days of flying went by fast – too fast, I could have gone on and on. But after 14 days of constant flying I was ready to take the skill test and I felt confident. The examiner was booked for the week after, because of his busy schedule, so I had a week of no flying, just vacation and sightseeing. So on May 23rd I passed my skill test for my PPL on my 15th flying day. A couple of days later my dad came to Malta and was my first passenger – very proud day.
Today I mainly fly C172 in Nuuk, as you can see on the picture, the scenery is amazing. I am also building a full scale B737-800 simulator in my basement and flying takes on a new dimension – rest assured that Luqa Airport will be a frequent stop for my simulator.
Aviation School
The flight instructors had one goal for me, and that was for me to feel welcome and have fun learning to fly.