Edward Hamilton

I must say that these guys were the very best since we first contacted them and took care of us so well. Thank you to Matthew Rota and Trevor. Highly Recommended and what a beautiful thing to see Malta, Gozo and Comino from the air. Well done.

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Thomas Curmi

A big Thank You To Matthew Rota and Jeremy Gatt at European Pilot Academy for the fantastic flight experience my son Jeremy Curmi had today on board the Piper. It was a unique experience for him and is already planning for his next trial flight and looking forward to attend the basic cadets course in [...]

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Malcolm Calleja

Ever wondered which is the best school in Malta for aviation training ? Look no more! Thanks to their vast years of experience, European Pilot Academy has helped me pursue my dreams from the very early beginning. I would like to express my gratitude for their constant help and support during all the courses I [...]

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Christian Coyne

This is by far one the best aviation related schools in Europe. I have personally been to this school myself and can genuinely confirm that they have excellent and joyful instructors, as well as the newest and most highly maintained aircraft around. On the other hand one cannot mention European Pilot Academy without mentioning Matthew, [...]

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Hristo Petrov

The staff in the academy will do their best to make your dream true. I meet them, they're so kind, helpful and professional. Before i was scared from heights and planes. When i meet them and went for my first trial flight, i enjoy it, even love it. Now aviation and planes are my passion. [...]

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Jason Carmello Cassar

I booked a spur of the moment helicopter tour for my girlfriend to view Malta, Comino and Gozo from a very privileged view, I wanted to show case our Islands and all it's beauty, the Dashing young Italian pilot didn't fail to please, It was a breathtaking experience coming from someone who doesn't like hights [...]

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