The night rating allows you to be able to fly aircraft during the time of ‘night’ as qualified by ICAO, being the time from 30 minutes after sunset to 30 minutes before sunrise.

The Night Rating extends the basic privileges of the EASA PPL and perhaps the most enjoyable rating any aviator can achieve with the least required training time. This rating allows you to carry passengers at night subject to certain PPL restriction and currency requirements and also a prerequisite for many of the more advanced towards professional pilot’s skill set.

Pre Entry Requirements

Private Pilot’s License

Course Content

Theoretical Knowledge

Ground briefings will be provided by the flight instructor before you fly.  However, no more theoretical knowledge is required.

 Flight Training

There is a minimum of 5 hours to be flown to acquire a night rating.  This will have to include:

  • 3 hours of dual flight training
  • 1 hour of dual cross country navigation flying
  • 1 hour of solo flight training
  • 5 takes offs and 5 full stop landings as Pilot in Command

Course Duration

The rating is usually acquired within 3 flights.

Other Information

  • Courses are subject to final confirmation, changes or discontinuation
  • Only students with a valid and current JAA Class 2 Medical issued by an approved Medical Examiner by CAD-TM will be allowed.
  • Night rating courses are conducted on the Piper PA-28, or the Tecnam P2002Jf.  Therefore, only students who have completed a check-ride on the aircraft by day will be allowed to apply for the night rating.
  • Please call us for latest prices and availability

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