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Tecnam P2002-JF

Manufactured by the popular Italian company Tecnam, this Single Engine Piston (SEP) basic trainer is a popular option for flight schools worldwide. With its very low Maximum Take-Off Weight, this aircraft is a great option for students to start their flight training whilst working with a tight budget.

Number of aircraft of this type : 3

Engine : Rotax 912 S2 (98.5 HP)

Number of seats : 2

Piper Warrior PA-28-161

A true American legend, the Piper Warrior is one of a few iconic aircraft leading the general aviation training market. Thousands of pilots across the globe have flown this aircraft at some point, and this aircraft offers both comfort & endurance, which other GA aircraft do not offer.

Number of aircraft of this type : 2

Engine : TAE-125-02-114 (155 HP)

Number of seats : 4

Pipistrel Virus SW 121

Our latest addition to the fleet, this aircraft is constructed from composite materials, leading to a plane which is super light, fast, and with a great fuel consumption value. This aircraft is used for the advanced UPRT program due to its lack of regulatory limitations.

Number of aircraft of this type : 1

Engine : Rotax 912 S3 (98.5 HP)

Number of seats : 2

Piper Seneca PA-34-200T

Our Multi-Engine Piston (MEP), another American legend that has been a flight school’s best friend when it comes to multi-engine training. Equipped with two 200 hp turbocharged engines, and a glass cockpit setup, there simply isn’t a better aircraft to earn your multi-engine piston rating on.

Number of aircraft of this type : 1

Engines : TSIO-360E (200 HP)

Number of seats : 6

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