European Pilot Academy is an internationally known academy, accredited by the JAA/EASA – Civil Aviation Directorate – Transport Malta. European Pilot Academy has expertise and experience in various aspects within the professional pilot education. Our students have continued their involvement within the aviation industry and are actively involved in airline companies, military, aviation research and scholarly activities.  This training prepares graduates to fly with regional and international airlines within Continental Europe, Africa  the Middle and Far East.


European Pilot Academy provides students with the knowledge and skills critical to their success as industry leaders. Based on our past experience, EPA delivers content that is not only current, but also forward looking allowing students to develop an awareness of the aviation industry. Our training is delivered through various media, lectures, and flight simulation.


The focus of this program is to prepare students for a career as Professional Pilots. The training experiences provide the students with the knowledge and skills to operate Advanced Technology Flight Deck Instrumentation (glass cockpits).. but also allows them to develop the discipline needed to be successful in their airline training.

From our continuous involvement with the Aviation Industry, as well as through participation at national and international conferences, our instructors  are able to provide students with leading-edge course content and educational experiences. State-of-the-art simulation, and other training resources, such as aircraft engineering visits provide students with educational opportunities unique to collegiate aviation academic programs. Upon graduation, our students will transition into industry seamlessly becoming leaders in the field.